Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn around time?


Our turnaround time varies based on how many reels are in the shop at a given time.  We always ask when you need your reel back and do our best to get you back on the water as soon as possible.  To find out what the most up to date wait time is, it is best to call or text us.  Most times however, your reel is turned in 7 - 10 days.  We also offer an overnight expedited service.

How much does it cost?


Our basic service starts at $35 for most reels.  Large, technical, or very dirty reels may be charged slightly more. Any repairs that are needed are above and beyond the basic service.  We'll inspect, diagnose, and identify what parts your need and consult with you before any repairs are undertaken.  At no time will you be surprised by hidden charges or added parts.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?


  Ultrasonic cleaning uses hundreds of thousands of miniature bubbles to gently clean your reel parts. We use professional grade ultrasound to create cavitation within a cleaning solution specifically used for cleaning and degreasing. After ultrasonic cleaning, we hand clean any parts still requiring that final touch. Consider it a spa day for your reel!

Do you work on XXX reel?


 We undertake most current, well-known reels, including spinners.  If you have an older reel needing repair, please call us so that we may check parts availability. 

How do I get you my reel?


Most of our customers mail us their reels.  Using USPS flat rate shipping boxes, you can easily and inexpensively get us your reel quickly.  If your are in the local area, you can always drop your reels off and pick them up.  Our shipping address is:

Rougarou Rods

37859 Vista Key Drive NE

Hansville, WA  98340

How do I pay you?


Once your reels are completed, an invoice will be created.  This invoice can be settled via Paypal, credit card, cash or check.  We are flexible in our payment options and will work with you on the best and most convient way to pay.